About Us

Our Vision

Sukhmantra Resort and Spa aims to make a luxurious stay attainable through highlighting on unique  attributes of quality living.  

We envision to bring forth a calm and serene environment to our customers, devoid of the hassles of  daily routine. Being located in the neighbourhood of Goa’s one of the most idyllic beaches, brings us a  step closer to accomplishing our vision. 

We aim to maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness in the forthcoming years  through brand positioning in our target consumer’s minds and thus increasing our brand value in the  market.

Our Mission

Our first and foremost mission is to ascertain that our guests are indispensably satisfied. Building  successful customer relationship is essential to us. 

By providing the highest standard of services in our boutique hotel, we desire to gain customer trust  and loyalty. 

Moreover, adapting to eco-friendly measures and delivering the best of nature is a goal in our  mission. 

Through inspiring our employees to excel in their jobs, we make our guests happy and thus exceed  our requisite financial goal. 

Our ambition is to make Sukhmantra Resort and Spa a significant destination for relaxing holidays,  luxurious exploits and bliss.


Turn One Time Stays Into Loyal Customers

The attention that the staff pays to a client is beyond what can be availed elsewhere. Prioritizing  quality of the various services we provide helps exceed customer expectations. Through immediate  aid to complaints, gratitude towards compliments and data analysis of feedback, we maintain our level  of expertise and constantly thrive to improve which helps us earn credibility and turn one time stays to  loyal customers.

Employee Appreciation

The nurturing of the very people who help run our business – the employees, is always considered  integral. Monitoring over management techniques and healthy workplace environment falls within  regular routine. Interdepartmental communication, joint effort and formulation of innovative ideas are  always encouraged. 

Supplier Relationship Management

Strategic assessment of supplier capabilities and quality assurance allows us to provide the customer  with reliable products of the highest quality. Determination of what activities to engage in with different  suppliers, and planning and execution of all interactions with suppliers, in a coordinated fashion  across the relationship life cycle, helps to maximize the value realized through those interactions and  acts in forms of benefits to our partners. 

Satisfaction Of Associated Partners

We are dedicated to offer a strong brand association. We showcase a hospitality concept that caters  specifically to the economy of the existing and ever emerging India. We offer Hospitality Service  Excellence to our valued guests and thus assisting our associated partners. Capital Growth with our  associated partners becomes our priority. Satisfaction of the involved parties are of utmost concern  and priority. Welcome parties include the government, charitable organizations, company holders,  business partners, employees, guests and travel agencies. 


Our innovative employees help secure a sustainable market advantage. Suitable emphasis is put on  nature, science and sustainable design. Eco-friendly architecture, zero waste living are one of the  innovative ideals we uphold. On top of this, every employee’s intuition towards an innovative idea is  regarded for and planned out when worthy. With this in mind, as we progress, we try to hold on to our  traditional values but do gain the mindset to welcome the future and adapt to dynamic innovations


Boutique hotels have surged in popularity thanks to the emerging tastes of consumers and with it we  have created a set of ideals and values for our Resort : 

– Guest Satisfaction Monitoring 

– Work-Life Balance of Employees 

– Enhancement of Employees 

– Standard Maintenance and Quality Assurance 

– Capital Growth of Company  

– Healthy Competition with Competitors  

– Rating as a Measure of Growth Tracking